Open-source Numerical Model

Model Coupling

The GLEON CDI project is working towards creating a system to flexibly couple available hydrodynamic and water quality models. There are currently many hydrodynamic models statically coupled to specific water quality models. There are also a number of uncoupled water quality or process specific models that ecologists would like to integrate with hydrodynamics, given a reasonably easy model interface.

This work revolves around creating a framework that allows coupling of newly innovated water quality models with existing hydrodynamic models. This flexibility will enable coupling of more complex existing WQ models with hydrodynamic models, but also the coupling of simpler models innovated to address specific science questions.

The system has two primary components.

The first component is a spatial-translation interface layer to enable coupling of water quality and hydrodynamic models that may not necessarily have the same spatial aggregation. Existing models span the full extent of potential spatial addressing, from 0D to 3D. Variables being modeled are passed back and forth between the hydrodynamic and water quality portions with the interface automatically translating the incompatible spatial referencing (e.g., 0D to 1D).

The second component is a simple interface that will allow scientists to integrate established hydrodynamic models into their own biological models using native interfaces in commonly used modeling languages, such as Matlab and R. This will allow a much broader application of physics within traditionally biological domains.

Project Specific Innovations