Condor is a high throughput computing platform that supports the running of large computational tasks that would take too long to run on a single or small number of computers. It handles the management of available resources, matching waiting jobs to available computers with the correct architecture and available resources, and the transfer of input and result files. Condor is especially well suited to large computation tasks which can easily be parallelized and exported to run on many individual computers.

Condor is used in the GLEON CDI project to support the simulator system, as well as other analyses. The Simulator software submits to a Condor pool made up of computer resources on the University of Wisconsin – Madison campus, as well as computers distributed throughout the GLEON network. This large pool of computers allows hundreds of individual simulations to be run in parallel, greatly reducing the time required to run complex suites of simulations. Such a system is especially important when simulating large numbers of lakes, bootstrapping models, conducting sensitivity analyses, or running many different models in an ensemble modeling approach.