Storing and managing large volumes of high-resolution environmental data can be challenging. Until recently, data management systems have been built on a site-by-site basis using available expertise. Example systems have spanned a broad range of complexity, from individual spreadsheets on researcher’s computers to elaborate, relational database centered software and web systems. Within GLEON, it was quickly identified that if individual sites pooled resources, a more robust and complete site-agnostic data management toolset and database could be built. This would have the added benefit of creating a pseudo standard for describing high-resolution datasets within GLEON, easing data distribution and sharing.

The Vega system is a collection of open-source tools that form a complete data management system for high resolution sensor data. It has three key components.

1. Vega data model – A flexible and fast MySQL-based database schema for storing sensor data

2. Ziggy Stardust – Modular data parsing and routing software that moves data from its source, typically a point-of-presence computer at a research site, to the database

3. Vader – Fast data access tool that helps users rapidly select, view and download sensor data

The system forms a complete end-to-end flow for data. Tools built into Ziggy Stardust support the routing and distribution of sensor data from their source to multiple repositories, not just Vega, thus encouraging varied models of data sharing within GLEON. This toolset allows GLEON to be a data-management provider for GLEON sites that do not have the expertise or resources to manage their high resolution sensor data sets.

Vega Sites

SiteLake or Nearest LakePlatformLocation
Airport MetNorthern LTER LakesMet StationWisconsin, USA
Archbold Main Weather StationLake AnnieMet StationFlorida, USA
BalatonLake BalatonBuoyHungary
Beacon Valley MetLake BonneyMet StationAntarctica
Bonney Snowfence MetLake BonneyMet StationAntarctica
Canada Glacier MetLake Fryxell, Lake HoareMet StationAntarctica
Commonwealth Glacier MetLake FryxellMet StationAntarctica
Crystal Lake BuoyCrystal LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Crystal Lake Buoy 2Crystal LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Crystal Bog BuoyCrystal Bog LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Delta StreamLake FryxellIce BuoyAntarctica
Douglas LakeDouglas LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Erken FloatLake ErkenBuoySweden
Erken IslandLake ErkenShore StationSweden
Erken Kristine HolmLake ErkenStream StationSweden
Explorer's Cove MetLake FryxellMet StationAntarctica
F6 Snowfence MetLake FryxellMet StationAntarctica
FeeaghLake FeeaghBuoyIreland
GaltenLake GaltenBuoySweden
Galten HedstromLake GaltenStream StationSweden
Harp Lake Raft (THELMA)Harp LakeBuoyCanada
HBS Highland LightKentucky LakeMet StationKentucky, USA
Howard Glacier MetLake FryxellMet StationAntarctica
Lake BonneyLake BonneyIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake Bonney MetLake BonneyMet StationAntarctica
Lake BrownworthLake BrownworthIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake FryxellLake FryxellIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake HoareLake HoareIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake LillinonahLake LillinonahBuoyConnecticut, USA
Lake SoyangLake SoyangBuoySouth Korea
Lake VandaLake VandaIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake VidaLake VidaIce BuoyAntarctica
Lake AnnieLake AnnieBuoyFlorida, USA
Lake Annie DockLake AnnieShore StationFlorida, USA
Mendota Profiler RawLake MendotaBuoyWisconsin, USA
Mendota BuoyLake MendotaBuoyWisconsin, USA
N Sparkling BogNorth Sparkling BogBuoyWisconsin, USA
Sparkling BuoySparkling LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Sunapee LI BuoyLake SunapeeBuoyNew Hampshire, USA
Taylor Glacier MetLake BonneyMet StationAntarctica
Trout Bog BuoyTrout Bog LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Trout BuoyTrout LakeBuoyWisconsin, USA
Upper Howard Glacier MetLake FryxellMet StationAntarctica
YYL BuoyYuan-Yang LakeBuoyTaiwan
YYL MeteorologyYuan-Yang LakeMet StationTaiwan